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To assist you in your search for determining the collectibility, age, identity, or value of your Steiff creation, Animals Animals has searched on your behalf. Please find below a list of published works that include Steiff in their endeavours. All these books may be purchased from To seek new publications, please search for 'Steiff' under the 'Books' category at Amazon.

Steiff Identification & Price Guide
Linda Mullins (Hardcover) Price: $29.95

Teddy Bears and Steiff Animals: First Series
Margaret Fox Mandel (Paperback) Price: $9.95

A Celebration of Steiff: Timeless Toys for Today
Krystyna Poray Goddu (Photographer), Walter Pfeiffer (Photographer) (Hardcover) Price: $40.00

Collector Steiff Values
Peter Consalvi (Hardcover - May 2000) Price: $19.95

Steiff(R) Bears and Other Playthings Past and Present
Dee Hockenberry, Tom Hockenberry (Hardcover) Price: $39.95

Teddy Bears, Annalee's and Steiff Animals : Third Series
Margaret Fox Mandel (Paperback - August 1997) Price: $13.97

Please note that Animals Animals assumes no responsibility for the content, usefulness, nor value of any of the above published works nor does Animals Animals recommend or encourage their purchase. This page has been created solely for purpose of being informative.

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