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The Steiff brand enjoys a special place in the high street today. For over 110 years the name Steiff has been synonymous with teddies, and plush animals of outstanding quality. The Steiff brand is also thought of with special affection by its many fans and enthusiasts.

Over the generations children have formed a bond with Steiff animals, which goes beyond the realms of toy relationships. Steiff animals have become inseparable companions, accompanying people throughout their lives. They become chums who provide comfort at stressful and difficult times.

A Steiff animal expresses sentiments that have become rarer but no less important: closeness, warmth, imagination and, not least, a natural link with the animal world - something we surely all need.

Best Quality
Over 100 years ago, the company founder, Margarete Steiff, stated her philosophy for toy production as: "For our children only the best is good enough". This principle is still valid at Steiff and places all employees under an obligation constantly to strive for even further improvements in product development.

We at Steiff set the highest standards for all raw materials, the production techniques and the design of our products. Consequently the costs of our animals consist almost entirely of especially valuable woven furs with cotton backing and synthetic or natural fibre pile.

Where the fur is woven from mohair, the particularly fine and valuable hair of the angora goat, the products are marked accordingly.

The filling materials are especially chosen for their technical and play value criteria. They consist of polyurethane foam cuttings, of polyester, polyamide or polyacrylic fibres. Replicas are, like their originals stuffed with woodshavings.

Checked Safety
All small attachments, such as the eyes, are fixed in such a way that they cannot be removed when the product is used as intended. The adherence to safety and quality standards are ensured by Steiff in its own test laboratory, as well as through tests and monitoring by the Bavarian District Court Factory Inspectorate in Nuremberg.

Here in particular the regulations of the German Food and Consumer Goods Law (LMBG 30) are applied, with special attention to the recommendations of the Federal Health Bureau (now Federal Institure for Consumer Health Protection).

Furthermore the European Guidelines for Toys (88/378/EWG), the EN 71 "Safety for Toys" (part 1-3) as well as the national regulations of our export countries are the basis for additional tests. In addition the LGA tests our products for their suitability for their intended use and their durability.

For the collection shown in the 1996 catalogue, including all new products, the LGA Bavaria has granted the Steiff company the right to carry its LGA quality certificate after successful completion of tests by the Material Testing Bureau.

On the basis of these tests the Children's Play + Toys Working Committee has sampled parts of the range with children and had them tested by experts for their play value, choice of materials, workmanship, safety, environmental friendliness and design.

As you can see, everything possible is done at Steiff to exclude any recognisable risks and to make Steiff products as safe as possible as far as their mechanical and chemical properties are concerned.

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